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this is by far one of the best sounding, most intuitive and creatively pleasing software setups.
Another important innovation is the new "Easy OFF" function. It allows you to use the power-saving mode, which is enabled by default, but in which the temperature of the sensor response is reduced to 18 degrees. Thus, the system itself turns off the APS matrix in rooms with an ideal temperature in order to conserve battery life.
Also in the new version of BT601, the BT-Screen video surveillance function has appeared, which is useful in case of a long car parking. When this function is activated, the remote administrator can view the data from the camera at any time, as well as "look" into the car interior through a specially installed application.
The new version of the operating system also has a new "Display at 100%" mode, which allows you to turn off the keyboard, leaving only the display completely. This option is very convenient for those who often check email or social networks. networks and, for example, makes jogging through a frosty city.
Improvements were, of course, not only in the appearance of the device, but also in the internal content. There is a wide range of Bosch brand models on the Russian market, but we recommend paying attention to the BT 601 or BT260 model. First of all, thanks to the declared indicators of the level of energy consumption, the brightness and contrast of the display, which today are among the highest in the teXet TM-601 class. In addition, it is important to note the intuitive interface and ergonomic display design.
The BT501 is a simple keyboard designed for budget users. It is equipped with 6 programmable backlit keys, so that even a novice user will not have any difficulties working with the device.
It's no secret that in this segment of the market, tablet computers today account for the lion's share of sales, and according to this indicator, in recent years, the tablet segment has been very different from the rest. So, in the premium segment of tablets, at the moment, about 40% of sales are accounted for by devices from Apple, about the same percentage for Samsung, slightly less for Samsung Galaxy, even less for Acer and HTC. f02ee7bd2b