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Multimedia creation software Multimedia software including text editing software, n editing software, compositing software), Cool Edit Pro (sound editing software).
Photo editing software You can choose any suitable software from the catalog according to your needs. The program will help you convert your photo into a photo as close as possible to the original. Creative Photoshop allows you to make flexible filter settings, apply brushes, and more. With the help of filters (created from various sources), you can achieve an image that is as close to the original as possible.
Audio editors You can use specialized software designed specifically for processing musical compositions. Using various processing methods, you can improve the sound and save the sheet music in MP3 format. Find programs for creating presentations - slide shows, presentations and films. With their help, you can easily organize and conduct any presentation, as well as edit a ready-made presentation. All programs presented in our catalog can be downloaded for free in Russian.
Video and Animation Software Packages You can perform professional video editing and create full-fledged high-quality video content. The Adobe After Effects software package allows you to create large-scale, original and beautiful videos. Produce high-quality color and black-and-white video. With it, you can transfer video from one source to another. The program has built-in special effects and tools.
At least half of the Runet content is freely available. Programs of this format are distributed free of charge, they can be downloaded from the developer's website, or you can download them to your computer. What is it for? This way you can save both time and money. In fact, you only buy the source code of the application you like.
Various social network accounts will be created for you, made specifically for downloading programs and ready-made solutions. Thus, you do not burden yourself with either registration or searching for free disk space.
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